Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So my first day at boot camp...

Wow, 15 minutes into it, I thought I had made a HUGE mistake. No way in effing hell was I going to make it through the class. It was like gym class in HS all over again: the panting, the heavy breathing, the jumping jacks, the fucking lunges and crunches...plus you've got a surly drill sargeant (albeit a cute one) barking at you, there's far more laps around the gym than I care to remember and about 35 other people running with you (past you). Like a bunch of rabbits. Or in this case...bunnies. Beautiful ones.

Oh yeah, most were veterans of this camp, too. "This is my third year," confessed a lean, very tan blonde with startlingly white teeth and about 7% body fat. Speaking of fat...not one person there was what I consider "overweight" -- about 90% were very lean and athletic (talk about intimidating); the others may have a few pounds on them. But still fairly lean. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the camp is held at a place called The Lodge, a massive, very upscale neighborhood facility that caters to doctors, lawyers and all the folks in town who earn 6-figures and higher. Aren't wealthier women known to be leaner? (Like tennis athletes? Yes! That's exactly what 90% of them reminded me of!) Or...maybe the camp really burns the shit outta fat. Hence the repeat clientele.

Somehow, I made it through and afterwards...I felt...completely fucking amazing! The tension, the heaviness in my muscles and the depression --- gone. I felt light. Like a tissue blowing around in the wind. That sounds so gay. But true!

I decided to grab some coffee and read a few magazines at Borders afterwards. I think I'll make going to Borders *after* camp a tradition. It was quite nice reeving my system with a strong, hot cup of Americano while paging through Dwell and ReadyMade magazines.

All in all -- a wonderful day. I go back on Thursday. Twice a week. For five weeks.

Man, the sprinting/running is gonna be a pain. If anything will help me lose the last 10 pounds -- boot camp will.